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The Shankar Research Group


IE 1052 – Manufacturing Processes & Analysis

This is an undergraduate level course for engineering and other students with an interest in manufacturing systems. It will introduce the student to the fundamental principles of manufacturing systems and processes. Any previous manufacturing course is beneficial. Class participation is highly encouraged. This course is usually offered in the Spring semesters.

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IE 2006 - Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Systems

This is a graduate level course for engineering and other students with an interest in manufacturing processes and systems. Topics include principles of manufacturing systems and processes including material properties and their role in manufacturing, manufacturing processes, dimensioning & tolerance, cellular manufacturing etc. There are no mandatory prerequisites. This course is usually offered during the Fall semesters.

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IE 1012/2012 – Manufacture of Structural Nano-Materials

The discovery of curious mechanical phenomena at the nanometer length scale has motivated the development of advanced structural materials with unprecedented mechanical properties. For example, shrinking of the material grain-size to the sub-100 nanometer regime was found to result in a manifold increase in the material strength compared to the micrometer scale coarser counterpart. This course will cover a number of contemporary research topics related to the manufacture and characteristics of these high-strength nanostructured materials. In addition, this course would emphasize the nanometer-scale phenomena that make nanostructured materials particularly attractive for structural applications. Relevant topics including dislocation theory, large-strain plasticity phenomena, superplasticity, creep and kinetics of coarsening will be developed from a fundamental level to aid in this elucidation.

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IE 1013/2014 - Manufacturing Process Engineering

The objective of this course is to instill a fundamental understanding of manufacturing processes by focusing on the processes, metallurgy and mechanics of deformation in metal forming. To this end, analysis techniques will be developed from solid mechanical principles (stress-strain relationship, deformation and failure) which would then be applied bulk deformation and material removal processes. The course assumes no prerequisites except basic concepts of stress, strain and strength of materials.

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IE 3072 - Nanomechanics

The mechanics of deformation at nanometer-scales often diverges from that observed in the bulk-scales. This course will elucidate how under these conditions, a length-scale dependence can introduced in both elastic and plastic deformation. This course will cover research topics ranging from size-effects in nanoindentation, their associated strain-gradient dependent phenomena, surface and interface stress dependent phenomena in nanowires and bulk nanomaterials, switch-overs in deformation-modes with shrinking length-scales, implications of interfacial diffusion phenomena in microstructure evolution and thermomechanical response of nanomaterials etc.

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