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The Shankar Research Group



The Shankar Research Group performs research in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh under the direction of Prof. Ravi Shankar Meenakshisundaram. Our research focuses on understanding the behavior of materials over length-scales ranging from the macro to the nano, as a function of composition, thermomechanical history and microstructural design. Research interests include thermal and mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline metals and amorphous alloys, mechanics and property evolution in nano and micro-manufacturing processes and design of multi-functional materials.


The multidisciplinary nature of this research offers stimulating opportunities for experimental and theoretical studies involving synthesis of a variety of concepts from solid mechanics, materials science, solid state physics and thermodynamics.


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Current Research

In an ongoing study, we are exploring the design and characterization of multifunctional surfaces and bulk metallic-forms that are composed of nano-scale grain structures. In another study, we are developing new in situ methodologies for examining the mechanics of deformation and microstructure evolution in micro-scale deformation processing. Recently, we have begun a new study aimed at developing scalable routes for manufacturing hierarchical nano-scale topographies in polymeric materials, as well as the development of novel photomechanical machines that are actuated, controlled and assembled exclusively with light.


Applications of our research include the development of high performance structural and functional materials, innovative biomedical components with tunable functional and mechanical properties, as well as the utilization of novel biomimetic hierarchical nano-architectures in engineering applications.


Applications are sought for research positions - see Ph.D. and Postdoc Applicants links.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Applications are sought for a postdoc researcher with expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and polymer chemistry. Click here for details. Click here to apply.

Graduate Student Researcher

Students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering (IE) must apply directly to the IE program. However, to establish preliminary interest, this contact form may be used.

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