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The Shankar Research Group



We have built capabilities for mechanical, microstructural and electron microscopic characterization of a range of material systems.


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MTS Insight-2 miniature tension tester

Struers Tenupol-5 electropolishing system for creating electron transparent TEM samples

Lindberg LGO box furnace

Shimadzu microhardness tester

Axiovert 40-MAT inverted optical microscope

Struers Tegramin automatic polishing system

Perkin Elmer Diamond differential scanning calorimeter for characterizing microstructural and phase transformations

High-Speed PCO 1200 HS CCD camera system

High-Speed PCO Edge CCD camera system

FLIR Infrared camera

Several linear and rotary servo assemblies for custom-deformation experiments

Enerpac 100 ton hydraulic press that has been customized for creating nanostructured bulk forms

We have also custom-built a multi-axial deformation and material manipulation system that can be utilized inside a scanning electron microscope

For additional material characterization, we utilize the Materials Micro-Characterization Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and the Petersen Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering (PINSE) for fabrication and characterization using X-ray diffraction, surface profilometry, Atomic Force Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy (JEOL 2000FX, JEOL 200CX, JEOL 1200F) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (Phillips XL-30).

In addition, we have several workstations for computational modeling and data processing, as well as home built-routines for digital image correlation, X-ray diffraction data analysis, crystal plasticity modeling etc.